Wichita Falls Coffee Service

Anywhere Coffee is Served

Call us at 940-500-4994 to get your office setup with the best coffee office service in Wichita Falls! Hook & Ladder offers the best office coffee service in Wichita Falls, North Texas, and Southern Oklahoma. As our client, you’ll know your breakroom, boardroom, school, and church will be stocked consistently and serviced reliably. When service is needed, you’ll find we’re quick to respond and always have a solution. We service our clients with the highest levels of technology, communication, professionalism, accountability, and maintenance.

Our Coffee

Imagine… your office stocked with amazing locally roasted coffee that your employees and guests can’t stop complimenting. This is coffee that gives back to our local community. You can feel good knowing your employees and clients have access to amazing coffee, and they’ll feel good knowing you care. They’ll taste it in every cup!

Our Customer Service

We demand excellent service of ourselves. Your coffee is our top priority. As you’ll soon discover, our representatives provide prompt, efficient and personalized service.

Equipment Options

We can provide your business with Traditional Bunn or similar brewers. The traditional brewer style is perfect for larger meeting spaces and offices. This also allows coffee to be brewed and remain at a great temperature longer. Another advantage is attaching the machines directly to a water source, eliminating the need to refill. We also offer:

  • Decanters

  • Thermal Servers

  • Airpots

  • Frac Packs

  • Whole Bean Coffees

Service Details

Everything you need for your coffee bar will be provided. This includes sweeteners, creamers, and we can fulfill any special requests. You can pick the brands that your employees love best. We’ll make sure you have napkins, cups, etc. And if you need tea or cocoa just let us know.

Event Coffee Services

If you have an event coming up, don’t hesitate to call, message, or email H&L! We can provide coffee, tea, cocoa, snacks, and more. We’ll set it up and your attendees will enjoy some of the best coffee they’ve ever tasted. Plus, they’ll know you cared enough to not only provide the best coffee but also to provide it from a company that gives back to the community. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Ready to sign up for the premier office coffee service in Wichita Falls?

Send us a message here, or email us at coffeeservice@coffeesandwine.com