best coffee gifts

Best Coffee Gifts

best coffee gifts

The best coffee gifts under the tree or given on a birthday
with a tag reading”From: Me.” They stir adventure
They portend satisfaction, they are the perfect tincture
of dreams, with just a fraction of action. Like:
Suddenly the alarm sounds, firefighters start to yell
You hear the start of the engines, the ring of the bell
Your family is staring, wondering what’s in that cup
when you sit up tall in the kitchen, “Tell the truck to speed up!”
They stare in wonder, recently risen by the brew and the smell
You realize it was a daydream, but can still hear them yell 
now you’re ready to enjoy another pot of delicious H&L.

The Best Coffee Gifts

Some friends and family can be very difficult to shop for, and you always make that comment, “What do you get for the person who has everything? Or wants nothing?” They’ll make some statement like, “Please, don’t get me anything,” but you know for sure that you’ll have a present from them at some point during the holidays. And it won’t be a gift card. Nobody really wants a generic gift card, there’s too much pressure to use it for mundane needs. Well, we may have just the thing at the H&L Coffee Shop.

Some of us at H&L are guilty of being those people who don’t think there’s anything you can get us. But there is one solution that always works. Get them something new. Most people love coffee, right? Almost all of us have a cup or more throughout the day. For those that appreciate freshly roasted coffee, or maybe they don’t know they do yet, grab them a whole bean or ground bag of delicious single origin coffee, or grab a few bags from different countries and help them find a special coffee they didn’t know they loved, yet.

If you want something that’s more a coffee gift set, we have some of the best coffee gifts in the form of sets that include our coffee gift set for chocolate lovers, coffee gift set with dog treats, or our amazing coffee gift set with grilling dry rubs.

We wish you the best of luck in selecting the best coffee gifts for those you care about! Remember, it’s always the thought that counts. They’ll appreciate you thinking out of the box for their gifts, and trying to get them something adventurous and unique!

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