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Single Origin Espresso Beans Blend


The “All Hands” Espresso Blend is a “secret” combination of the best green coffee beans. These include Guatemala beans, Brazil beans, and Honduras beans. The exact portion of each single origin bean is added to each roast mix. Once roasted, the “All Hands” Espresso Blend brews up the perfect cup of espresso.


First Due


Medium Roast. Santa Ines is a smaller lot coffee from the Sertao family of farms that produces our single origin Brazilian coffee beans. The farm is owned by Francisco Isidro Dias Pereira, and is 75 hectares dedicated to coffee with a total size of 215 hectares. Santa Ines is located in Carmo de Minas.

Fully Involved


Medium Roast. Its name comes from its distinct aroma due to its blend of two regions Cafes de Oriente, and Huehuetenango. Huehuetenango gives it a high acidity and a wine quality, and Cafes de Oriente gives sweetness and body.

Hook and Ladder


Medium Roast. “Puente Tarrazu” is a micromill located in Costa Rica’s Tarrazu valley. Rudolpho Rivera and his family own and operate this privately run mill, processing coffee from the farms of five neighboring families. This particular lot is Rudolpho’s coffee from his farm “La Pena,” which is planted entirely in Caturra cultivar.



Medium Roast. As a special single origin Honduras coffee bean know for its uniqueness, our coffee beans from La Campa Lempira, known as “Nozzleman,” are one of our most popular coffees and best sellers. A Estrella Lenca is harvested in the region surrounding La Campa Lempira. The Lencas are an indigenous people descended from Lempira, also the name of the Honduras national currency.

Rookie (Decaf)


Decaf Roast. Rookie is Swiss Water Decaf Processed organic decaf coffee. The Swiss Water processing is a natural process that provides terrific organically processed beans. The Honduras and Brazil coffee beans used in this perfect blend along with the lighter roasting method create an amazingly strong, delicious cup of coffee -without all the caffeine.

Shift Change


Medium Roast. Using the best green coffee beans from Brazil and Honduras, we have created a blend for sweetness, balance, and to compliment food pairings. Great for morning or evening enjoyment!

The Chief


Medium Roast. This blend of coffee from Bucaramanga & Medellin is made up from the small producers from towns, or “Veredas” as they’re called in Colombia, that lie in the shadow of the monolithic mountain ridge named “El Hato.”



Light Roast. This washed coffee was produced by the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union as they represent coffee producing Coops in the Sidama zone throughout Southern Ethiopia.

Full Fog


Dark Roast. This 20-acre micro-lot farm is owned by Francisco Hernandez-Gil, known as “Chico” Hill, and his family, located near the municipality of Mercedes Ocotepeque/San Marcos, Ocotepeque, Honduras. This micro-lot farm produces some of the best coffee in Honduras.

Mora Negro


Sweet Red Merlot.

Notes of: Blackberries.



Lime and Coconut Blend.

Notes of:  Refreshing Pina Colada with Lime.

Little Green Apple


Gewurtztraminer with Green Apples.

Notes of:   Crisp Green Apple, Floral, Sweet.




Notes of: Rose Petals, Lychee, Ginger Spice.



Niagra Sweet White.

Notes of: Freshly Picked Plump Grapes.

El Bombero


Semi Rosé.

Notes of: Semi-Sweet, Floral, Jammy.